Acoustic, Harmonic & rather Celtic

Snakes in Exile, founded in 1992, has a repertoire of Celtic trad and original material topped up with an occasional well-chosen cover. This is not your regular 'folkband'. They have their own sound based mainly upon their vocal harmonies and a lively ambience.

This specific Snakes sound was recorded on four albums so far. 'Songs and Salads' was released under direct management in 1996 and 'Second Skin' was born at the end of 1998. The third CD, 'Merrily Polluted' was presented in May 2002. In september 2007, to celebrate their 15th anniversary, they released ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’. It’s the band’s first live-album featuring 16 tracks that have been favourites in their concerts over these 15 years but had to wait for a live recording before getting on a CD. Some work of the band can also be found on a growing number of compilation albums.

While Snakes in Exile still loves to play in smokey pubs, there has been a change of scenery to bigger occasions. Some highlights? The clubtent at the prestigious Cambridge Folk Festival and the Ely folk festival (UK). Rock Affligem, annual appearances at the Scottish weekend in Alden Biezen and the big Dranouter folkfestival in Belgium. The band has been invited for interviews and live performances by several shows on national radio. Snakes songs are broadcasted by radio stations in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada and Alaska.

The band 's name 'Snakes in Exile' was inspired by the legend of St. Patrick. It is said that the holy man banished all vermin whilst christianising Ireland. Apparently, so far, no snakes have been spotted on the island...
Originally a trio, Snakes in Exile became a quartet in 2000 with the addition of drummer Gette De Deken. In 2006, he handed over his drumsticks to Kristiaan Malisse.

Snakes in Exile is now:

Luc Baillieul:vocals, guitar

Peter Van Aken: vocals, accordion

Gert Meulemans: vocals, bass

Kristiaan Malisse: vocals, drums, percussion